AngularJS Web Application Development

CodeFront Technologies is an expert AngularJS web application development company providing top-notch and extensive AngularJS applications to clients across the globe. There are only a couple of organizations working dedicatedly on AngularJS and we are proud to be one of them. We ensure our clients get the best in the industry and help them improve their own customer network.

AngularJS is an open-source web application development framework developed and maintained by Google. Our expert developers provide a vertical of AngularJS services catering to different and complex business requirements.

People often confuse AngularJS to be a JavaScript library like jQuery. However, it is a framework designed to enhance browser-based applications with MVC capability. In simple words, it makes your front-end web development, testing, and maintenance as easier as it could get.

AngularJS Web Application Development

AngularJS is a huge traction for your web application as it enhances the already powerful HTML features to build a highly responsive, interactive and dynamic user-interface for the web, mobile or native applications.

AngularJS is our choice of framework to develop custom front-end and single page applications. Single Page Applications or SPAs are web applications that load a single HTML page and dynamically update that single page according to user interaction.

This means most of the work is happening on the client side, i.e., JavaScript. Because it has conquered the JavaScript powers, AngularJS builds cost-effective and scalable mobile and web applications easily.

Our AngularJS development company brings about a smooth experience for clients to develop well-structured and dynamic AngularJS applications with a clear and flexible code. Think of SPAs like Gmail. We can build such reliable and adaptable applications for you in this versatile framework.

The smart features provided by AngularJS makes it stand out from the rest easily. The brilliant features in AngularJS make it a cakewalk for the developers to create compelling AngularJS websites and web applications.

Some of the smart features in AngularJS are:

  • Two-way data binding
  • Dependency Injection
  • MVC support
  • Routing
  • Deep Linking
  • Unit Testing
  • Cross-Platform Application Development
  • Directory Layouts

All these powerful features make AngularJS a dependable technology to construct robust, clean and interactive web applications. AngularJS web application development is a one-stop solution for complete client-side applications. With its advanced features, the apps built in the framework are bug-free and give a consistent performance as they are end-to-end tested.

AngularJS leaves the complete control of Document Object Model (DOM) elements in your app. We develop AngularJS apps that are easy to test, maintain and upgrade keeping in mind your future business needs as well. Scalability is an important factor which lets you easily incorporate new features and functionality in the existing app.

Below are some of our AngularJS development services:

  • AngularJS Consulting
  • AngularJS Design
  • AngularJS Web Application Development
  • AngularJS Web Application Customization
  • AngularJS Application Migration
  • AngularJS User Interactive Module Development
  • AngularJS Custom Widgets Development
  • AngularJS Ecommerce and Shopping Card Development
  • AngularJS Integrations
  • AngularJS Interactive Dashboards
  • AngularJS Data Analysis Tool Development
  • AngularJS Testing, Upgrade, and Maintenance

We also exhibit expertise in real-time applications, RESTful apps, software UX/UI, API integrations and data-rich applications in AngularJS development.

Hire our AngularJS developers to enjoy the exclusive services of our diligent and expert team while they create high-tech design and web solution for your business. Moreover, you can also outsource our team at very affordable prices. We believe we know how to do things the angular way and are open to your suggestions at all times.

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Why Should You Select AngularJS For Your Business?

Progressive Web Applications

Modern day web applications that are dynamic, easy to install, have zero time loading and deliver efficient performance are made in AngularJS framework. AngularJS services are having a major impact on the web development market growth.

High Speed and Performance

Apps built in AngularJS offers the maximum possible performance and speed on the web platform.

Code Splitting

A new component router aids the AngularJS apps to load quickly and deliver automatic code splitting. When a user requests a view, it helps to render that view by loading only the relevant code.

Code Generation

Templates are easily turned into highly optimized code using AngularJS which gives the feel of a handwritten code. This developed code acts as a framework for creating web and mobile apps. AngularJS resolves a massive data requirement by building data models on RxJS, Immutable.js or another push model.

Template Declaratives

AngularJS builds features quickly with template directives. Template languages can be further extended with your own components. This makes the process of developing easier with an array of collection of components.

IDE and Editors

IDE and editors make the development faster. There is a lot of backup and help for AngularJS web development for almost every IDE and editor.

Multiple Platform Support

The code used to build an app in AngularJS can be reused to build an application for another platform as well. A single piece of code works for the web, mobile, native mobile and desktop applications.

Why Should You Select CodeFront AngularJS Development Team As Your Partner?

Compelling Application Development

CodeFront Technologies is a known AngularJS development company that delivers powerful, robust, structured, and compelling AngularJS applications.

Rapid and Fluid Development

Our expert AngularJS developers are proficient in designing and developing spontaneous and native web/mobile applications in conjunction with our clients’ requirements across all business verticals.

Ecommerce With AngularJS

Our AngularJS eCommerce application development provides the clients with a shopping cart and payment gateway APIs for their online store.

Customer Satisfaction

Hire our AngularJS developers to experience the satisfaction that goes beyond product deployment. We pride on delivering web solutions according to client’s need, project requirement, and budget.